Product of the week: Buchi Fire Cider

April 24, 2018

Product of the week: Buchi Fire Cider

Burn baby burn! This potent little drink has the power to get rid of colds and flus and build your immunity for winter.

Fire cider is an ancient immune building tonic that has been used for centuries to ward off sinus problems, colds and the flu and aid in digestion. Buchi Kombucha Fire Cider is a twist on this favourite, using kombucha vinegar (instead of mother of vinegar) as the base for this herbal tonic, which is fermented with a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast (called a SCOBY or Mother).

​Combined with nature's superheroes – ginger and turmeric roots, garlic, horse raddish, chilli, herbs, lemon - makes this herbal tonic punchy, zesty and warming to the body and soul. Buchi Fire Cider is hand-crafted in small batches and brewed for three months.

Everything in the Cider is fresh and raw from local QLD organic farmers. This means that none of the ingredients have been heated or reconstituted, maintaining their nutritional potency. There are many ways to take this brew - tiny sips, as a flaming slam-dunk shot or slightly warmed as a tea. Your choice!

​Ingredients: raw kombucha vinegar*, ginger root, onion, garlic, lemon, sauerkraut juice (fermented cabbage), turmeric root, chilli,jalapeno peppers, horseradish root, murray river salt, loads of love!

You can order Buchi Fire Cider here.

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