Here's a few things you might like to know...

Where does the food come from?

Our farmer Kel grows the leafy greens and herbs on her own spray-free farm near Woodford and sources most of the other produce from small, neighbouring spray-free farms. Apples and pears are sourced from spray-free farms in Stanthorpe and Tenterfield and carrots and onions from a spray-free farm in Tasmania (who Kel has a long standing relationship with).

Our eggs come from Echo Valley Farm at Goomburra. Juanita and Randall take fantastic care of their chickens - we're talking lovely green pastures, mobile pens, organic feed from local grains, plenty of room to move and lovely Mareema dogs to protect them from eagles!

What does spray-free mean?

Spray-free means the produce has been grown without the use of any chemical sprays. It's very close to organic but without the certification. Most of the farmers Kel sources from grow small crops, using their own homemade compost. They rotate crops, companion plant and many even harvest their own seeds. This is the way people have grown food for centuries - working with nature instead of against it.

Can I make swaps to set boxes?

Yes you can!

When you order a set box from us you don’t get stuck with fruit and vegetables you have no interest or desire in eating.  They’re not going to pile up in your fridge while you wonder what on earth to do with three eggplants or fennel! In saying that though we can certainly give you some ideas if you’re keen to try something different!

How Swaps Work

First things first, take a look at the box contents for the week.  They are updated every Monday morning.  Look out for "Orders are Open" at the top of each page of the website.

Go here to see What’s in the Box

Go here to order your fruit and vegetable set boxes

In the notes section on the Cart page when checking out, please let us know what you like swapped out and in - maximum of 3 swaps per box please.  Word it like this:

NO capsicum or tomatoes

YES extra carrots and/or bananas

We will make swaps to equal value of what has been removed.  

If you'd prefer to do a custom order, please read on...

Can I do a custom order?

You sure can!

Just choose exactly want you want from Fruit, Veg & Nuts, SOL Breads, Other Grocery Items and add them to your Cart, then check out.  There are no forms to complete and no minimum order quantity.  Just quick and easy clicking and checking out.  You can even save your credit card details when checking out so it's quicker for next time!

When is the best time to order?

Orders are open from Monday around lunchtime to Wednesday morning.  Please aim for 8am!  If you order outside of these times then you risk your order not being processed in that week or items not being available or price changes after you've ordered.  We make all changes to our website on a Monday morning with the most up to date information from Farmer Kel on what's available for the coming week.

You will notice at the top of the content of each page whether the website is open or closed for orders.  We also send out a newsletter every Monday with updates and to advise we're open for orders so signing up for that will ensure you've been notified that orders are open.

Can you make my home a pick up point? 

This is something we can definitely look at.  It would need to fit in with our delivery routes or be in an area we're looking at expanding to.  Your house or business would need to have a large, covered, shady area for our boxes to be left for at least half a day, sometimes longer.  You wouldn't need to be home the whole time but the area would need to be accessible to our customers during this period without locked gates or dogs.  We also ask that you have space to store any returned boxes that we will come back and collect at another time.  If any boxes were left later in the day then we ask that you call us to let us know so we can advise the customer.  If that all sounds great then complete this form and we'll be in touch.


Do you home deliver?

Yes we offer home delivery to locations mainly within the Brisbane City Council region or close to our current pick up locations.  If you're unsure whether we deliver to your area then please get in touch before placing your order and we'll let you know whether we can and when it would be.  We delivery from Thursday to Sunday, depending on location.

Is everything on your site spray-free or organic?

Yes, everything on our site is spray-free or organic, some produce and products are even certified organic.  We pride ourselves in offering spray-free and organic produce and products to our customers at affordable prices, making it more accessible.  We only offer produce and products that we're happy to feed our own family.

How do I know it's spray-free?

We talk to the farmers and learn from them about the methods and processes they have in place in order to farm using organic farming practices.  It's a passion they have but unfortunately organic certification is prohibitive to some farmers due to the time and cost restraints.  Many of them are small operations who aren't interested in the stress organic certification incurs.  We trust our farmers to do the right thing in not using chemical sprays.  They understand that using organic farming practices is better for their land and for their own health.  This gives us the confidence in them to provide us with the spray-free produce that we offer to you.

We ran a farm tour and lunch at Echo Valley Farms (our eggs suppliers) in July 2018 and it was a very educational experience.  We plan on having other farm tours so please make sure you come along to be educated by these amazing farmers who are doing things different to the mainstream farmers.

If you have any specific questions about any of the products or produce, please get in touch and we will get information direct from the farmers themselves.

Do you sell "ugly", misshapen produce?

Occasionally we do have produce that doesn't look like your standard produce (how we've come to expect it to look) and we certainly don't discriminate against "ugly" produce if that's what the farmer sends us, we send that out with our regular produce.  Sometimes you might find a heart shaped potato (that ain't ugly!) or some oversized zucchinis.  But generally our carrots and root vegetables all look quite uniform.  This is because the soil our farmers use is such good quality and has been broken down over the years with what occurs naturally in the soil (and not contaminated with pesticides) that there aren't actually a great deal of misshapen vegetables.  

If there are any, the farmers keep and use them for themselves or sell them to people who own horses.  Everyone wins this way.  The farmers sell the uniform vegetables because they are paid more for them, they can then afford to feed themselves and they're happy eating the leftover produce or sell them at a discount for the horses so the horses are happy too!

I haven't received a pick up confirmation email?

On Thursdays, we send an email to every customer to confirm your pick-up location or delivery details. This includes the address of the pick up location, time to collect and what to do when you get there. If you haven't received the email - please check your junk mail as unfortunately, they often end up there.