Why Spray-Free?

Healthy-kids-brisbane-organic-foodDo you know what they do to “conventional” produce these days? Nothing good! Chemical fertilisers, long transport, lengthy storage times, more chemicals to put produce to sleep and more to wake it up – it’s seriously scary stuff! It’s also highly inefficient, unfair to farmers and is destroying our soils and harming our planet.

But there is a better way. Organic has been the buzz word for some time now as people are waking up to the dangers of the toxic chemicals being sprayed on our food. Organics have become big business – and that’s great – but organic and LOCAL is even better in our opinion.

Instead of just ordering certified organic produce from a distributor, we source our produce direct from local farmers who don't use any chemical sprays. Most are not certified organic (some are), as it's not feasible for most of them to get organic certification, which is a timely and costly process. But they’re the kind of farmers that know how to grow food the old fashioned way – no chemicals, no genetic modification – just good soil, worms, homemade fertiliser, water, sunshine and fresh air.  Many of our farmers also harvest their own seeds or use heirloom varieties.

Here’s a few more reasons we think you should try our veggies:

  • THEY'RE SO FRESH – much of the produce is picked on Wednesday and you get it only 1-3 days later
  • YOU CAN CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT – you don't have to order a Set Box full of things you don't need (we have Set Boxes for convenience if you want them, or just choose your own)
  • OUR FARMERS GET A FAIR PRICE (they love us!)
  • GREAT EXTRAS – like pasture-raised eggs, organic bread, local honey, healthy vegemite and a great range of other local, organic goodies
  • BETTER FOR THE PLANET – low food miles, no chemicals and we use (and reuse) recycled boxes and only minimal plastic packaging
  • COMMUNITY – connect with like-minded friends through our Farmacy Family Facebook group 
  • THEY TASTE AMAZING (and are so much better for you).