How to compost without getting your hands dirty

August 20, 2018

How to compost without getting your hands dirty

I have a confession to make, for the last couple of years I have not been composting. I have been throwing perfectly good food scraps in the bin. Yes, I talk about sustainable living all the time and I'm so passionate about reducing waste, but previous composting failures and living in rental properties deterred me from doing something about this - until I discovered Mallow Sustainability!

Mallow Sustainability is the creation of Jessica Lindsay who owns a small farm at Anstead. Inspired to do something about food waste and grow their own organic produce, they collect food waste from local businesses and homes, take it back to their farm and make beautiful compost with it!

They can take your food scraps too! For only $4 a week, they'll give you a big bucket to fill, collect it weekly and give you a 10L bucket of beautiful compost back each month to use on your own garden.

With the average Brisbane household sending more than 260kg of food waste to landfill each year, just imagine what a difference you can make! When you put your food waste in your council wheelie bin it goes straight to landfill and this valuable resource is lost and has negative environmental impacts. When you give it to Mallow Sustainability, you're helping to build healthy soil and grow beautiful organic food. 

If you don't have a compost bin at home, please jump on board with this fabulous service and support another local family at the same time. Once they are growing more produce, we hope to source some of our fruit and veggies from Jessica's farm - what a beautiful closed circuit that will create! 

To start having your food scraps collected please email Jessica at

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