About us

Real people, real food

Hi, we're the Ottaway family - Trevor, Kristen and our beautiful girls Kaleesi and Ivy (yes we're Game of Thrones fans). We love good quality fresh food. We're passionate about healthy living, about knowing exactly where our food comes from and about protecting our environment for future generations.

We used to spend much of our Saturday going to Farmers Markets, then Wrays (for the organic things we couldn't get at the markets), then to the supermarket for those extra things - it was taking up so much time! We also tried many organic home delivery places and they were great, but when we stumbled upon our farmer friend Kel and asked her to put a box together for us, we were amazed at the beautiful fresh produce and fantastic value!

We mentioned this to our friends and they wanted a box too so it wasn't long before we decided to set up a partnership with Kel and start offering these fantastic boxes to our wider community.

The Spray-Free Farmacy is more than just a business to us, it's a community of people who care about their health and the environment - people who want locally grown, organically farmed, chemical free food at an affordable price. We get a box every week also, and we love sharing recipes and ideas with our community through our Farmacy Family Facebook group.

We invite you to try out a box this week and join our Farmacy Family!