NEW PRODUCT: The Almond Farmer Almond Butter

June 24, 2019

NEW PRODUCT: The Almond Farmer Almond Butter

Yum! Seriously yum. This 100% pure Almond Butter is so smooth and creamy and it's made with nothing but sustainbly grown, insecticide-free almonds.

I love Almond Butter so when Sovereign Foods told us about this one I couldn't resist ordering a bunch! Sovereign Foods are very particular about sourcing the best, sustainable, chemical-free nuts - it's where we get our Almonds and Macadamias from.

They're now sourcing from Casarosa Almonds, a family business from South Australia who grow and hand sort their almonds sustainably, with no insecticides. They use a range of sustainable farming techniques to produce the highest quality almonds without hurting our environment or wildlife.

Their Almond Farmer Almond Butter is 100% natural - it's just insecticide-free almonds! Plus it's smooth, creamy and tastes amazing! 

 ✔ Peanut free guarantee

 ✔ Vegan and dairy free

 ✔ Gluten free

 ✔ Insecticide free and sustainably grown

 ✔ No additives or preservatives

✔ Non GMO

 ✔ 5-star health rating


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