Strawberries (250gm punnet)

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Did you know strawberries are one of the most heavily sprayed crops? And being so porous, there's no way to wash that stuff off!

Our beautiful chemical-free strawberries come from Mt Cotton. Unlike most conventional farmers, our farmers don't use chemicals on their berries as they are grown using organic farming practices.

This is the process our berry farmers use to reduce mould and pests:

Firstly, before the first flower, the plants are sprayed with an organic fungicide.  This is the only time they're sprayed with anything.  This is used to reduce the risk of mould which berries are highly prone to.  Another way they reduce the risk of mould is to mulch heavily and form a mound around the plants.  This prevents dirt from splashing up onto the plants and berries when it rains.  They also chip weeds with a hoe which means they don't need to spray for weeds and the mounds and mulch also reduce weeds anyway.

Another thing they do, which is absolutely fascinating, is they drop/sprinkle lady bugs over the plants by drone technology.  They hire someone to come in and do this for them.  This is called the bugs for bugs system.  Lots of spray free farmers use this because lady bugs love eating bugs that love eating plants but the lady bugs themselves don't eat the plants.  Win win!

Using these methods protect the plants and fruit from mould and those pesky bugs and we're left with a product that is more fit for human consumption.

(Correct information at time of writing)