Shaving Cream (100gm)

At Yurali we have a deep passion for making products that are simple, clean and chemical-free. We believe in nourishing the body but not at the expense of the earth. We back this passion with solid environmental science to ensure we have the cleanest ingredients, free from lead, mercury and other metals that can cause harm; and we stand firmly behind our promise of no chemicals, no preservatives, no additives. What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies.

Shaving Cream

Our Shaving Cream makes shaving a whole lot more wholesome! Toss out that rusty aerosol can full of synthetic, toxic chemicals and replace it with this blend of pure organic Saponified coconut oil, sure to leave your skin clean, smooth, and incredibly soft.

Unscented and Free from harmful chemicals, handmade in Australia, using only plant-based ingredients.

Store under 30C with lid secured.
Made in a facility where Macadamia oil is used.

INGREDIENTS: Filtered water, Saponified Coconut Oil

TO USE: For best results, use a shaving brush. lightly wet your shaving brush with some water then mix with your shaving cream in container, creating a lather then gently apply where necessary. Shave in the direction that is most comfortable and re apply when need. Rinse off with warm water when finished.
Use only on unbroken skin. Patch test prior to use is recommended. Cease use if irritation occurs, and consult physician if needed.