Mushrooms - Gourmet Oyster (100gm)

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These Oyster Mushroom packs contain 2-5 types of oyster mushrooms. Sourced from Matthew's Mushrooms in Brighton. Super fresh as they are only transported a short distance. This means you'll get varieties you'll never see in supermarkets because they are to fragile to transport and would look horrible by the time they arrived at the shops. 

Farmer Matthew grows 5 different varieties of Oyster Mushrooms including Yellow, Pink, Grey and Ulmarius. Each week's pack will be made up of 2-5 varieties, depending on what's ready.

Grown in organic sugar cane mulch. The mushrooms are not sprayed with any fungicides.

Oyster mushrooms are packed with health benefits (read more in this article) and taste delicious in stir fries, risottos, sauteed with some herbs and spices and in a range of other dishes.