Local Honey (1kg)

DP's Bees

Pure, natural, untreated honey, just as nature intended. Our honey comes from DP's Bees - a small family business at Warwick. The honey comes in lovely glass jars and is seasonal as the hives are moved around.

Before we added this honey to our store, I asked the owners, Kate and Daniel whether the bees come into contact with sprayed crops, here's what she had to say (obviously I was happy with her answer):

"Regarding sprays, our bees are moved around depending on the season and the honey flow. Our winter site is near Eulo out west and the bees are on the Yupunyah eucalypts and not near any crops. Spring is spent on a macadamia farm at Peachester in the Glasshouse mountains. The bees work the blossom and we are long gone before any spraying. Summer and Autumn is spent here on the Darling Downs and our bees work the mixed flora and Eucalypt around here. Our bees aren't in contact with sprays if we can help it otherwise our stock gets wiped out."

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