Elaeis Coconut Oil (1L)

Spray-Free Farmacy

Certified Organic, cold-pressed, Virgin Coconut Oil from the tropical regions of Sri-Lanka.

"Elaeis Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is organically grown, produced and packaged in glass jars,completely free from chemicals and artificial fertilizers.  The exceptional quality of the Elaeis Organic Coconut Oil is due to vigilant quality control and advanced technology. Only fresh, hand- harvested coconuts, grown in Certified Organic coconut plantations are used.

Under hygienic conditions and with constant quality control the fresh coconut flesh is first cold pressed, then filtered. Followed by a sophisticated, centrifugal process, the oil is extracted from the freshly pressed milk and finally bottled into glass jars. The entire cold pressing process is done gently and carefully, without any chemical additives. This minimal and gentle method of processing ensures that all the natural goodness and composition of vitamins, minerals and medium chain fatty acids are retained, as well as the delicious fresh, pure coconut essence and flavour." 

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