Diatomaceous Earth - Animal Food Grade (450gm)

Our Ancient Earth

Our Ancient Earth is a local Brisbane based business created by Ingrid Dimock of another local business, City Chicks in Samford (who also happen to be our Samford pick up point!)

Our Ancient Earth was born when Ingrid was having trouble finding good quality, local diatomaceous earth to onsell to her customers at City Chicks for the health of their chickens.

Animal Food Grade DE – 100% natural - for use in bedding, kennels & litter for odours & moisture control & stop fleas, ticks, lice, mites. As a feed supplement for good gut health, feather & fur growth, strong teeth & nails & some research in the USA showing results in improving joint mobility.

Make sure you buy the correct variety for your needs.  You can find the Human Food Grade Version here.

A Bit About Our Ancient Earth 100% Natural DE:

It is an organic ancient powdery, silica rich mineral that is found in fossilized deposits under dried up freshwater lakes. It is not to be confused with the DE used in pools which is dangerous to humans & pets. The mineral is the result of a pile of dead diatoms or single cell algae that contain silica. The shells of these diatoms are so hard that they craze parasites upon contact dehydrating them making it a terrific for parasite control internally & externally for people & animals. Horse owners have seen the fly breeding cycle reduced by using DE. Ants can be reduced using DE, cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, lice & mites. Internally, in pets, the DE acts like a broom sweeping the digestive tract clean from toxins & bad gut bacteria promoting good health & immune support.

Our DE is a Qld product with low miles to get to us. Expiry is generally 3 years from time of packing.

What Problems Will This Solve for Your Customers?

Gut issues, bloating, weak nails, hair & dry skin, pest problems, smells, moisture issues, finding a natural alternative, inside the house cleaning product, can use in making homemade cosmetics, oven cleaner, oil spills.

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