Bask & Co - Almond Butter (165gm)

Bask & Co

This delicious insecticide free almond butter is created by a small local business called Bask & Co.

Bask & Co. create their products using 100% natural, pesticide free and organic ingredients which have been carefully selected from local small businesses. Each small batch is crafted by hand at The Wandering Cooks, South Brisbane to ensure only the highest quality product reaches you.

What is in Bask & Co. Insecticide Free Almond Butter?

Just that! Insecticide Free Almond Butter! Nothing else.

How should I enjoy Bask & Co. Insecticide Free Almond Butter?

Enjoy this delicious almond butter spread onto your favourite crackers, bread or toast, eat with veggie sticks or straight from the spoon. You won't be able to resist!


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