Almonds (Insecticide free) (250gm)

Sovereign Foods

Our insecticide-free almonds come from Riverland Almonds, who, along with Almondco and Select Harvest, process nearly all of Australia’s almonds. Riverland source most of their almonds from the Riverland region in South Australia (north-east of Adelaide).

The almonds are harvested between February and May from a number of commercial growers in the local area. Pests are managed by using predatory mites and birds that they attract to the orchards by planting specially chosen cover crops between the rows of trees. This form of pest control is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is designed to reduce the amount of spraying on farm.

The processing involves colour sorting, drying shelling and sorting again by size. The variety we get are Carmel, which are smaller but have a more intense flavour than that of the nonpareil.

The big reason most almond farms reduce the amount they spray is that they are nearly completely dependent on bees for pollination and therefore fruit. 

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