What's in the box?

Our produce comes from small, local farms and that means we get what's currently available. Unlike supermarkets, we can't get ALL produce ALL the time. But what we do get is fresh, seasonal and chemical-free. It's also a lot better for you and the planet!

This list is updated on Monday each week. This is what you can expect in the boxes BUT please note contents may change. Weather has a big impact on small farms - too hot and things can burn, too much rain and they get waterlogged and storms can demolish entire crops. Not to mention bugs and the fact that small farmers can only grow so much. So sometimes you might get something a little different in your box.

Want to make some swaps?

Sure! Just make some notes for us in the special requests section at the bottom of the CART page. As long as it works out to be equal value and we have what you want, we will make the swaps for you. Please word your request like this example: "NO capsicum or tomatoes. YES extra carrots and/or bananas."

BOX CONTENTS - 22-25 August 2018

Please note: quantities are approximate. Sometimes you may get a little more, sometimes you may get a little less. (But we believe you'll still find our boxes to be amazing quality and value!).





650gm Bananas 500gm Apples (Red delicious) 700gm Apples (Red delicious) 800gm Apples (Red delicious)
Broccoli Asian veg (bunch) Asian veg (bunch) Asian veg (bunch)
Capsicum - red (3/4 colour) 1kg Bananas 1kg Bananas 1kg Bananas
500gm Carrots (orange) Broccoli Broccoli Broccoli
Lettuce (butter) bunch Capsicum - red (3/4 colour) Capsicum - red (3/4 colour) Capsicum - red (3/4 colour)
500gm Mandarins (Hickson/Imperial) 700gm Carrots (orange) 1kg Carrots (orange) 1kg Carrots (orange)
350gm Onions (brown) Cauliflower (whole) Cauliflower (whole) Cauliflower (whole)
700gm Potatoes (Sebago/Desire) Lettuce (butter) bunch Celery (half) Celery (half)
300gm Tomatoes (round) 500gm Mandarins (Hickson/Imperial) Eggplant 500gm Cucumbers (lebanese)
350gm Zucchini 500gm Onions (brown) Lettuce (butter) bunch Eggplant
1kg Potatoes (Sebago/Desire) 750gm Mandarins (Hickson/Imperial) Lettuce (butter) bunch
500gm Tomatoes (round) 500gm Onions (brown) 1kg Mandarins (Hickson/Imperial)
500gm Zucchini 1kg Potatoes (Sebago/Desire) 750gm Onions (brown)
120gm Rocket 1kg Potatoes (Sebago/Desire)
Shallots (bunch) 750gm Potatoes (sweet)
500gm Tomatoes (round) 120gm Rocket
500gm Zucchini Shallots (bunch)
500gm Tomatoes (round)
500gm Zucchini





1kg Apples (Red Delicious) 1kg Apples (Red Delicious) Avocado (small) 1kg  Apples (Red Delicious)
1kg Bananas 1kg Bananas Cabbage (red) half

750gm Beetroot

500gm Limes 750gm Limes Capsicum - red (3/4 colour)
1kg Carrots (orange)
750gm Oranges (Navel) 1kg Mandarins (Hickson/Imperial) 500gm Cucumber (lebanese)
Celery (whole)
500gm Pears 750gm Tangelos Lettuce (Iceberg)
1kg Cucumbers
500gm Strawberries 1kg Pears 500gm Limes 100gm Ginger
125gm Raspberries Snow pea sprouts (punnet) 1kg Lemons
500gm Strawberries 250gm Tomatoes (cherry truss) 1kg Oranges (Navel)
100gm Turmeric