Christmas Meat orders

Sadly, around 90% of pork products in Australia come from factory farms. These farms are incredibly cruel on the animals, bad for the environment and bad for your health. There is a better option - spend a little more money and support local farmers who truly care about their animals and the land by buying free-range, chemical-free ham this Christmas.

We're so pleased to have hams, roasts and sliced ham and bacon from Echo Valley Farm available for our customers this year. Echo Valley Farm is run by Randall and Juanita Breen who are committed to regenerating their land and producing beautiful food in a way that's good for the animal, the farmer, the land, and us. 

Echo Valley Farm Pastured Christmas Ham

Echo Valley Farm pigs are reared, and live on rotated pastures, experiencing all their natural piggy instincts. They are a large black and white cross. They are fed a diet of organic food scraps, sauerkraut and hops. No antibiotics or hormones are used at any stage.

The hams are traditionally wood smoked (that means each ham is cured in brine and smoked taking a total of 2-3 weeks). This longer process ensures maximum flavour and quality. A small amount of nitrate is used in the brine (approximately 1 tablespoon per 80 litre barrel as opposed to the standard 3 cups), along with a mix of herbs and spices to add to and complement the smoky flavour. The nitrate produces the pink meat consumers have come to expect and preserves the ham for longer.

Pricing & payment

These top quality hams will be only $25-27kg. Choose from whole (6-9kg) or half (3.5-4.5kg) hams. Sliced ham and bacon packs (500gm) are also available, along with pork and beef roasts (1.5-2.5kg).

Pay your deposit now to secure your Christmas meat order and we'll send you an invoice for the remaining amount in December. Exact weights of the hams and roasts won't be known until then so the amount owing will vary slightly per order.

To order simply select what you'd like from the products below.

Collection points

Christmas meat orders will be ready for collection direct from our farmer on Saturday 22 December. You must collect it from one of these locations:

  • Ferny Hills
  • Albion
  • Norman Park
  • Tarragindi
  • Kenmore

If you cannot collect on Saturday 22 December, we can arrange earlier, or later collection from our fridge at Kenmore. Just email us to arrange this.

We can also home deliver if you are not far from one of the collection points listed above. Home delivery will be $15 and cannot be combined with produce orders as the meat is coming directly from the farmer to you.

We only have a limited number of hams and roasts available so be sure to order yours before we sell out.