Pastured Hams for Christmas! Pre-order now

October 15, 2018

Pastured Hams for Christmas! Pre-order now

We're so excited to be coordinating a special Christmas Meat delivery for our customers this Christmas. This meat has been grown with love by the Breen family from Echo Valley Farm in Goomburra, 2 hours south of Brisbane.

The Breens are first generation farmers who are committed to regenerating their land and producing beautiful food in a way that's good for the animal, the farmer, the land, and us. 

Echo Valley Farms pigs are reared, and live on rotated pastures, experiencing all their natural piggy instincts. They are fed a diet of organic food scraps, sauerkraut and hops. No antibiotics or hormones are used at any stage.

This is vastly different from factory farming - which can be especially hard on pigs. Sadly, around 90% of pork products in Australia come from factory farms. Make sure you know what you're buying!

Echo Valley Farm hams are traditionally wood smoked (that means each ham is cured in brine and smoked taking a total of 2-3 weeks). This longer process ensures maximum flavour and quality. 

A small amount of nitrate is used in the brine (approximately 1 tablespoon per 80 litre barrel as opposed to the standard 3 cups), along with a mix of herbs and spices to add to and complement the smoky flavour. The nitrate produces the pink meat consumers have come to expect and preserves the ham for longer.

Collection will be direct from the farmers at these locations on Saturday 22 December: Ferny Hills, Albion, Norman Park, Tarragindi and Kenmore West.

Or you can arrange to collect from us at Kenmore at another time in the week before Christmas. If you live close to our delivery route, we can also do home delivery for $15 but this cannot be combined with your veggie order.

I hope you are as excited as I am to have access to such good quality meat this Christmas! Be sure to put your order in ASAP as we only have about 40 hams.


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