Join us for the FOOD FIGHTER Movie Night

August 06, 2018

Join us for the FOOD FIGHTER Movie Night

Wednesday 29 August, New Farm Cinemas
We have teamed up with Brisbane Paleo Group to host a screening of a fabulous new, Australian film all about FOOD WASTE! I love a good documentary but the big health, wellness and sustainability ones are almost always American so I was so excited to discover this one.

The film follows the story of Ronni Kahn, founder of OzHarvest, a international food waste redistribution service. Ronni used to be a contributor to Australia’s annual $20 billion food waste bill when she ran a successful corporate events company producing million-dollar dinners. Then she realised the absurdity of throwing away perfectly edible food, trading capitalism for social activism by founding OzHarvest in 2004.

Did you know that globally, around 1/3 of all food produced is WASTED? It's insane!

Filmed over two years and across four continents, ‘Food Fighter’ follows Ronni’s crusade against the global food waste scandal, partnering with the United Nations in Bangkok, rubbing shoulders with British royalty and Jamie Oliver’s juggernaut in London, and holding big business and the government to account in Australia.


The movie night will include a local market beforehand, where you can discover fabulous businesses doing great things in this field. We'll also have a panel discussion afterwards.

Food waste is a massive issue in our society. We know you love good food (just like we do) so please help us do something to avoid so much being wasted! We can all make a difference.


Help us help them!


This event will only go ahead if we sell enough tickets by 17 August so please book today.

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