A little video about Echo Valley Farm

March 11, 2019

A little video about Echo Valley Farm

Do you know your farmers? We're so lucky to know and support these beautiful farmers from Echo Valley Farm.

There really is no better place to start improving your health and that of our planet than finding and supporting farmers like these. We don't have to keep making the same mistakes in agriculture. Just because it's 'always' been done that way, doesn't mean it can't be done better.

Randall and Juanita from Echo Valley Farm are following a Joel Salatin-inspired method of ethical, sustainable farming and it's producing amazing results. Find out more in this little video by Our Food System.

You can support Echo Valley Farm by buying their eggs from us! If you want some of their pork or beef products join their CSA or visit them at the West End Markets.

Echo Valley Farm from Our Food System on Vimeo.


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